Like all awesome bands (um…The Monkees?) we have a theme song.

Although the melody is from “Abi Gezunt”, the lyrics are provided by Eric*, our multitalented mandola, harmonica, djembe, and doumbek player. Inspired by a particularly interesting practice session at our drummer Andy’s place, he wrote the lyrics that gave us our name:

“Well there’s kids and there’s dogs and hairless cats
that klezmer class is such a gas
oh yea, shake that chicken fat.

Clarinets and mandolins,
You don’t know the shape we’re in.
Oh yea, shake that chicken fat.

It’s nutritious and delicious.
You can spread it on your kishkes.

Got no worries, got no doubts.
When you got your grade ‘A’ schmaltz
Oh, yea, shake that chicken fat.”

Check out a stripped down and soulful rendition recorded live at Silvie’s:
Abi Gezunt / ChickenFat Theme – Live at Silvie’s

The traditional lyrics are sung by Shifra.

Hear it for yourself at one of our shows this week:

Thursday, September 10
Bill’s Blues

1029 Davis, Evanston, IL

Friday, September 11
Debonair Social Club

1575 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL
9pm to 10pm

* He’s also an excellent food photographer.