Jack P. posted a Yelp review of our last concert:

“The orchestra of eight was jumpin’ with Tango and Klezmer…. The band kept playing their tangos and rocking the joint. We were so close we could have had their children. There was eye contact. We all smiled back and forth. And finally the music stopped.

I rubbed my eyes to wake up, Turns out it wasn’t a dream. Just a cozy January Sunday night at Duke’s with the ChickenFat Klezmer Orchestra. Surreal, yes. Fun? You bet.”

Read the whole review here.

Everyone had so much fun at the Duke’s Hideaway show that we scheduled another show:

ChickenFat Klezmer Orchestra

Duke’s Hideaway
Sunday, February 28
4pm – 6pm
6920 N Glenwood
Chicago, IL (map)

It’s a block south of the Morse Red Line stop.

See you there!