According to the Red Eye, Avondale is Chicago’s “next hot ‘hood“.  It’s about to get hotter on April 17th, when we bring our sizzling klezmer sounds to Relax on Milwaukee. Relax is my favorite sort of neighborhood bar; it’s got a friendly staff, inexpensive drinks, and pool and darts to keep you entertained between sets. … Read More

Eeee! We’re super exited to be playing a few songs for Milly’s Almost All Kid Holiday Spectacular. Some of you may remember Milly’s Orchid show, a “vaudeville-meets-Grand-Ole-Opry extravaganza, a place where comedians, monologists, filmmakers, musicians, jugglers, lariat twirlers and just about everyone else you can imagine got a chance to strut their stuff in a… Read More

We’re playing at the Folk & Roots festival on Sunday, July 12, at the Dance Stage. There will be a quick hora (dance) lesson before we start. Come enjoy some dancing in the park! Plus, there are a ton of cool bands playing the rest of the day. ChickenFat Klezmer Orchestra (aka the Alte Schteibeles)… Read More