The Old Town School of Folk Music, one of my favorite Chicago institutions, is celebrating it’s 55th birthday!  This coincides with the opening of their brand-new building across the street from the existing Lincoln Square location.  As part of the celebration, they are having 55 days of events for the public. Check out the whole… Read More

As I’ve mentioned previously, the ChickenFat Klezmer Orchestra started making music together at the Old Town School.  They just posted a video of us playing at the graduation concert the school has at the end of every session: Playing a medley of Nifty’s Freilach and Angels If you haven’t had a chance to take a… Read More

Eeee! We’re super exited to be playing a few songs for Milly’s Almost All Kid Holiday Spectacular. Some of you may remember Milly’s Orchid show, a “vaudeville-meets-Grand-Ole-Opry extravaganza, a place where comedians, monologists, filmmakers, musicians, jugglers, lariat twirlers and just about everyone else you can imagine got a chance to strut their stuff in a… Read More